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Eurovelo 10 - Baltic Sea Cycle Route
Eurovelo 11 - East Europe Route

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Eurovelo 13 - Iron Curtain Trail
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In Latvian online cycling map you will find nearly all Latvian cycling tourism and sports routes as well as city bicycle infrastructure. If you use a GPS device or an app which supports KML, GML and GPX data formats, you can download every single route data by choosing the particular route in the map and then clicking the “Darbības” button in the upper-left corner. To see the map, click here.

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Self-service bicycle rental in Riga (city bikes)


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North Latvia (Vidzeme)

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Our services

Technical support bus rental

We provide a technical support bus together with an experienced driver and a bike mechanic for multi-day bicycle trips.

Our buses are equipped with GPS transmitters, so if you want you can observe their movement on the internet.

A special trailer is available for a safe bike (up to 14 bikes), boat or other large object transportation.

The approximate price is 50,00 € / 24h + petrol expenses (11L/100km) + driver salary but it can vary depending on the number of travellers, journey days and whether a bike mechanic and an additional trailer is needed.

For detailed information and pricing please write to


Bicycle repair

We offer a bicycle repair and maintenance in our repair shop.

To order bicycle repair please write to, our technicians will contact you and agree about repair works, preferred term, bicycle transportation and about average repair/maintenance costs and payment order.

In case of necessity we will transport the repairable bicycle to the repair shop and back. The service is available in all Riga territory.

If You already know which parts to change or if you need some specific parts, You can search for them at our partners catalogues,, and specify them to our mechanic.

If you dont know what is necessary, do not worry, master will help you to choose the required!

Price list

Repair works Price*
Full maintenance
Bicycle complete disassembly, cleaning, lubrication, gears and brake adjustment, technical check,
old cable, axes, cogwheel change.
⚠ Planetary hub disassembly/maintenance for an additional fee, with a separate agreement
⚠ The price does not include charges for replacement parts
35 €
One-gear bicycles full maintenance (Fixed Gear, Singlespeed) 25 €
Spring maintenance If there is no need to change the grease and parts.
Gears and brake adjustment, chain lubrication, technical check, clearance testing and prevention in hubs, in bottom bracket and power bowls (upsetting these nodes).
⚠ Parts change and replaceable part, with additional fee.
17 €
Frame change 20 €
Tires and wheels
Tube/tire change 3 €
Tube/tire change for Hollandian bicycle back wheel 7—12 €
New wheel spoking 8 €
Wheel centering 3—8 €
Rim/hub change 12 €
Hub repair 4—6 €
Planetary hub (gears in hub) repair by agreement
Adjustment/pads change 4 €
Cable change 4—6 €
Hydraulic brakes air bleeding by agreement
Adjustment 3—5 €
Change 5—6 €
Tube change 4—6 €
Rolling stock
Center axle change 9 €
Center axle repair 12 €
Crank change 7 €
Chain change 3 €
Cassette/freewheel/cogwheel change 3—5 €
Steering wheel and parts
Brake handle change 4,5 €
Shifter handle change 6 €
Steering wheel change 2—8 €
Steering wheel tape/handle change 1,5—6 €
Wheel bearings change 5,5—8 €
Wheel bearings repair 6,5—9 €
Fork change 9—14 €
* Prices can change depending on the bicycle condition.
⚠ For repair works, which are not shown in the price list, price is by agreement.
⚠ For maintenance and repair we accept only clean bicycles. Dirty bicycle additional € 3-7 for washing.